Barb DeRousie Art
Mixed Media Visual Artist


(posted on 20 Oct 2020)

My earliest memories of making art were when my family lived on the light houses on the West Coast of BC , especially from age 6 to 12. I would get lost in drawing using graphite and coloured pencils. To this day I have a vivid memory of the smell and sound of the pencil sharpener that was mounted on the wall with a little crank handle—it would produce the most sharp and fresh tips ready for use! I don’t feel much different now than I was then but in between I had my share of life’s ups and downs, and for years I never exercised my creative side until around 2012 when I started taking classes in watercolour, and that was my primary medium for the next seven years.


Having said that, I always found it difficult to get started unless I was doing a commission or taking a class using a reference. Personal circumstances left me numb to accessing my creative side for over a year, until I found Art2Life. It couldn’t have come along at a better time as I was just starting to resurface and move on with my life. Art2Life helped me to get focussed, perhaps for the first time, on what’s really important to me, what really fires me up – in short, what’s really a YES!


Looking more deeply into what inspires me, and what my dreams and aspirations are, I am now painting from how I FEEL rather than from what I THINK—this has been a total game changer! Now, instead of my art being a series of planned out steps with a known Destination, I now am FREE to paint intuitively, using the principles taught in Art2Life. Now the painting shows me what to do next, in a call-and-response PROCESS rather than the RESULT. Using this approach to my art has also been life-changing and now I can’t wait to get to the studio and play—just like that six-year-old little girl!