Barb DeRousie Art
Mixed Media Visual Artist
27 Feb 2020 - 1 Jun 2020 Creative Visionary Program - Art2Life Category: Workshop/Class Event Website:
“Creativity is not something we ever lose, but rather something that has just been overlooked, possibly relegated years ago to a still, unused corner of our being. However, it still remains quietly within us all, patiently waiting, just below the surface of things. Till now.”

— Nicholas Wilton

Come experience an Art2Life Workshop, designed for the absolute beginner or seasoned artist, and get inspired, again. I started the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program on February 27, 2020 after following a FREE online WORKSHOP where Nicholas took us through the first 3 Principles of Art—Design, Value & Colour. I couldn’t wait to learn more, and little did I know, it wasn’t just information we’d be getting out of this workshop, but really getting below the surface and discovering what inspires us, what we desire, and looking at our artwork from the past, present and where we imagine going in the future!

This is a 12 week online program and by the end of it I will have had an opportunity to use acrylic paints, instead of watercolour, and hopefully will be producing art that REALLY REFLECTS WHO I AM! Pretty exciting!